Monday, June 18, 2012
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We listened to your requests for a more mobile and cutting edge forum for listening to audio messages and believe the weekly Ambit Energy Podcast will be a great communication tool for you to utilize. The great thing about a podcast is it puts YOU back in the driving seat as to when and where you listen. Those of you asking for a more mobile system will be pleased to know that you can access the weekly audio show from your handheld device by just clicking on a link in the Ambit Insider. Once you click the link, your handheld will open up the audio file and you can start to listen immediately. Alternatively, you can visit to view all the episodes or subscribe through iTunes and it will automatically download to your computer.

Today's inaugural episode gives you a rundown of what you can expect from this new Ambit tool.

Click here to LISTEN NOW to the June 18, 2012 Inaugural Episode on your handheld device. We hope you enjoy listening to the many guest interviews we have planned for you in 2012.

Executive Suite

Debra Hicks: From Energy Markets to Energetic Marketing

Debra Hicks started her career in the energy industry, working for two major energy companies for more than two decades. However, when she lost her job in a round of layoffs, she realized Corporate America didn't offer her the opportunities or financial security she needed to care for her family. She decided to take control of her future and move into network marketing.

Initially, she went to work selling products with another firm. But in a down economy, it was hard to get people to invest in inventory and convince customers to purchase nonessential items. While at a networking event, Debra was introduced to Ambit and immediately saw what a great opportunity it was. "I loved that there was no inventory, deliveries or collections," she said. "I signed up on the spot, jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back!"

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Congratulations New Senior Consultants!

Jeffrey Rios – TX Insoon Moon – IL Michael Pirone – NJ
Teresa Weber – NY Valdecyr Alves – MD Alicia Rodriguez – TX
Lori Aungst – TX Dana Cross – NY

Congratulations New Regional Consultants!

Rose Paduch – NY Claudia Simerilla – FL Mohammed Salam – NJ
Shea Ungar – NY PL Energy – TX John & Valerie Candee – PA
Salim U Khan – NY Emilienne Douyon – NY Nancy M Rodriguez – CT
J. Temple Jarrell – PA Aron Lunger – NY Kenneth & Andrea Johnson – TX
Paul Miazga – NY Julie Blick – PA Jodi Ryther-St John – NY
Seymour Thomas – NJ Joe Quitoni – NY Esther Sohn – IL
Vincent A. Castiello – NY Mitchell Bellinger – NY Mouhamed Dia – TX
Jason Ducusin – NJ Khola Hassan – IL Trisha Fisher – TX
Thereza Okorocha – TX Tom Victory – PA Jeff Lanni – NY
Andrys Lopez – NJ Jabier Cruz – IN Nina Bell – NY
Chana Miriam Weiss – PA Damayanty L. Guzman – TX Annette Watkins – VA
Ursula Ahern – IL Zoumana Keita – MD Tina Rava – PA
Lori Chodnicki – NY Brandon Bauer – TX Esteban Perez – TX
Joanne Osterhout – NY Esther Felberbaum – NY Baothuan Lynguyen – TX
Noe F. Sanchez – NY Keith Renner – PA Joseph F Blais – NY
Pamela Wylubski – NY Brian Becker – PA Nuris Rosario – PA
Teresa Daniels – PA Caleb Johnson – MD Kim Longo – NY
Jesus Casas – TX

Congratulations Fast-Track Promoters!

Consultants who promote themselves from MC to RC in 30 days or less, and from RC to SC in 60 days or less, are recognized as Fast-Track Promoters. Congratulations to the Consultants named below for their rapid achievement!

Fast-Track SCs

Rezan Nasim – NY

Fast-Track RCs

Khaleda Ahsan – NY Giash Ahmed – NY Arya Gottesman – NY
Fahad Islam – NY Francisco Araujo – CT Mosammat Sharmin – NY
Fred Stewart – TX Vibhu Chittajallu – TX Ummahani Hanif – NY
Keith Larson – CT
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