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Moise Assene: Finding Time for Success

Before joining Ambit, Moise Assene was too busy trying to make ends meet to be really successful. He dreamed of completing his accounting degree, but with a family to support he simply couldn't afford to take any time off and work towards bettering his position in life. Moise knew it was a vicious circle, but he really didn't know how to break free and establish a path to financial freedom.

Then, an uncle invited him to Brooklyn to attend an Ambit seminar. Moise was impressed by the compensation plan and the business model. "I knew in my heart that not only could I help people to save money, I could earn a fortune by doing so," he says. He joined Ambit that same night as a Consultant, aware that this opportunity to earn residual income was exactly the thing he needed to earn time with his family and for himself.

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EC Pastor Kenneth Smith knows a little about perseverance. We speak to him about winning the 2011 Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award, and how it has changed his outlook on the Ambit Energy Opportunity.

Kenneth Smith won this award because he has most consistently demonstrated leadership, success and growth in his organization through the most challenging of circumstances. He embodies a "never quit" attitude and instills that drive throughout his team.

Congratulations New National Consultant!

Chanan Oxenhandler   NY

Congratulations New Executive Consultants!

Ewelina Osinska   TX Truc Le   TX Arye Jacobs   NY
Mali & Arie Lengel   NY Ryan Kunjbehari   NY Leo De Leon   NY

Congratulations New Senior Consultants!

Randy Bell   CT Sergio & Monica Rivas   TX David Tauber   NY
Irma R. Jaime   TX Dana Lengel   NY Kevin Duc Nguyen   TX
Ernie & Peggy Force   PA Ashley Nguyen   TX Faisal Nuree   TX
Yoav Siani   NY Simon D'Rozario   TX Joe Cappadona   TX
Dawn Reeves   NY Hannah Gramling   TX Jimmy Morales   TX
Ronnette Summers   NY Naftoli Jacobs   NY Elise Upshaw Rocco   TX
Carter Hamm   TX Valarie Person   NJ

Congratulations New Regional Consultants!

Brandi Culver   PA David Jr Lafreniere   CT Trace Mathieu   NY
Tommie Dixon   TX Tammy Sung   TX Edward Wilczek   CT
Alan L. Bissonnette   NH Paul Stanfa   IL Amber Jaecks   TX
Adriana Garcia   TX AnhThu Thi Phan   TX Staci Bush   TX
Murray Robinault   PA Michael & Karen Roberts   NY Haim Levi   NY
Ray Foster   PA Brian Blum   NJ Bobby Emeric   NY
Sondra Orozco   PA Narcizo de la Cruz   CT Kelly Wilkins   NY
Thomas E. Dougherty   NY Latoya Castillo   TX Alexandria Coleman   TX
William Waterrose   NY Jose P Uruchima   IL Maria & Earle Chapa   TX
Lisa Maier   NY John Truskauskas   CT Malik Awad   TX
Librada Zermeno   TX Bob Robichaud   NH Jane French   NY
Gina Natarelli   NY Bill & Ann Laughlin   MD Moshe Zlicha   NY
Chaim Werzberger   NY Claude Josey   NJ Juli Einsohn   TX
Jeffrey Bolliger   CT Carlos Del Aguila   NY Maria Elizabeth Perez   TX
Larry Andrews   MD Daniel Valles IV   CA Randy Bush   TX
Angel Morales   TX Augustus Delsignore   PA Gerardo Romo   TX
Anthony Moreno   TX Kathy Pritchard   TX Kimberly Stem   PA
Roberta Amos   TX Leticia Dominguez   TX Matthew Poliseno   NY
Luis Hernandes   TX Oanh Nguyen   TX Joseph P DAnnunzio   FL
Lisa Scoli   NJ William Krueger   NY Michael Lembo, Jr   NY
Thomas Hoebbel   NY James Sittniewski   TN Fatoumata Toure   VA
Danny & Lisa Forsythe   TX Andy Nadarewistsch   NY Heidy Morales   NY
Ed Hamilton   TX Lillian Green   NY Randy Spencer   NY

Congratulations Fast-Track Promoters!

Consultants who promote themselves from MC to RC in 30 days or less, and from RC to SC in 60 days or less, are recognized as Fast-Track Promoters. Congratulations to the Consultants named below for their rapid achievement!

Fast-Track SCs

John Uddin   NY Curtis Jacques   CT

Fast-Track RCs

Shahrin Chowdhury   NY Jeancarlo Reynoso   TX Dan Tulp   NY
Ricardo Garza   TX Gerald Lodovico   PA Daniel A O'Meara Sr   TX
Syed Kasru   NY Kathy Lang   PA Joel & Shannon Fallas   TX
Alan F Costello Jr   MA
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