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AMBIT 101: The Uplines and Downlines of Communication

Last week, we talked about all the cool stuff in the Ambit Store and how each branded item can be a conversation starter. This week, we're talking about you – the ultimate conversation starter. Within your team of Consultants, as well as with your Customers, keeping the lines of communication open – and active – could make or break your business.

Communication Is Caring

When you reach out to a friend, family member or work partner, it shows you care. When you share tips, ask questions or simply reach out and say "hello," you're building trust, breaking down barriers and opening a world of possibilities. For your Ambit business, in particular, better communication helps motivate team members. In fact, the success of any team depends on the ability of team members to work together, and good communication is the key to successful collaboration.

When giving instructions, for example, it's important to convey the reasons behind a request or decision. Conversely, it's equally important to listen and respond to team members' needs. When you do so, it demonstrates a respect for those who are contributing to the growth of your Ambit business every day.

You want true partners? You need to treat them that way.

Call Them Before They Call You

Customer service is a lost art. No one does it. No one expects it. That's one reason Ambit has put so much time and energy into creating a world-class call center – to better service both Consultants and Customers. Now, it's up to you to do your part. Can you imagine how much more loyal your Customers would be if you called to simply check on them every once in a while? They'd be shocked! And they'd be Customers for life. They'd also tell their friends about this amazing, unbelievable thing that had just happened. Plus, if there is an issue with their Ambit service, everything works out so much better if you call them before they call you.

Try it. Shock someone today. Communicate as if your business life depends on it. Because it does.

Sales Tool of the Week: A Guarantee of Satisfaction


Making a promise is a very strong way to communicate – if you can keep that promise. Ambit can. That's why our Satisfaction Guarantee Certificates are such powerful tools. It's a great way to tell new Customers that their business will be handled the right way, the Ambit way. Plus, they're signed by Chris and Jere, so it's a promise with some pretty impressive backing.

Satisfaction Guarantee Certificates, only $9.99 for a 40-pack.

Make a promise today!

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