Snap & Save™ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Snap & Save™?
A: Snap & Save is a new Ambit Energy product with an SMS text-based digital promotion for new Ambit Texas residential Customers who live in deregulated areas of the state. For more information, visit

Q: How does Snap & Save work?
A: Text the word “Snap” to the SMS short code you saw in an advertisement. We’ll then text you a link to the Snap & Save portal. Fill in a few pieces of information, read, review and accept the Terms & Conditions, and snap a clear picture of your current electricity provider’s invoice. If Ambit cannot offer you a plan with an estimated savings of at least 10 percent off your current “Commodity Charges,” Ambit will offer you a one-time bill credit if you sign up with Ambit on the plan offered. Message and data rates may apply. If you were told about Snap & Save by a Consultant, please contact them for more information.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for Snap & Save?
A: The Snap & Save promotion is for new Ambit Texas residential Customers only. To be eligible, you must submit an invoice with a service address located in a deregulated electricity area of Texas. You must be the Customer of Record at the service address on the invoice. Electricity bills submitted must be legible and have an invoice date no more than 60 days prior to the date of submission. Submitting fraudulent or illegible information will disqualify you from this promotion at Ambit’s discretion. Ambit Energy is not responsible for inaccurate information on invoices. Inaccurate invoice information may impact the Snap & Save offer you receive. Snap & Save offers only apply to the service address provided on the submitted invoice. You must successfully enroll in the offered plan within 72 hours of receiving Ambit’s offer or the offer will expire. If you do not accept the offer, you may view other available plans on

Q: Can I choose a plan on your website?
A: Yes, We have a great selection of term, variable and indexed plans available to meet your needs on Ambit’s Snap & Save product is an SMS/text-based digital promotion where eligible participants submit their current electricity provider’s invoice to receive a custom offer from Ambit Energy.

Q: What are some tips for taking good photos of my invoice?
A: Make sure your invoice is on a flat surface with good lighting and a contrasting background. Hold your device level and steady over the invoice. Make sure you snap pics of all pages of your bill individually before submitting for approval. Remember, if you can’t read it, neither can we.

Q: How do you calculate my projected annual usage and projected savings?
A: Projected Annual Usage is an estimate. Ambit derives it by comparing the actual usage on the invoice you provide to that of Ambit Customers in your geographic area with similar electricity consumption. We use an average of the annual consumption for Customers in that group to calculate your projected savings. Your actual savings may vary and will depend on your actual energy usage, which could result in savings being understated or overstated.

Q: Is Snap & Save eligible for the T.L.C. pledge?
A: Yes. If you aren’t happy with your Snap & Save plan, let us know within 60 days and we’ll change it to another available Ambit plan of your choice for free. You must change your plan to another Ambit plan within 60 days of your enrollment date for Ambit to waive your early termination fee. The early termination fee applies if you change plans after 60 days. You are only allowed to change plans once without penalty under the T.L.C. Pledge. If you were offered a bill credit, changing your plan will waive your receipt of the full bill credit.

Q. How long will Ambit offer Snap & Save?
A: Snap & Save is a limited time promotion and may be modified or discontinued at Ambit Energy’s discretion.

Q: Is Snap & Save available for new Ambit Customers who are moving?
A: Snap & Save offers are only available for the service address provided on the submitted invoice. For this reason, only qualified Customers switching to Ambit at their current service location are eligible. If you are moving and would like to schedule service with Ambit, please visit for available plans.

Q: Will I be charged an Early Termination Fee if I switch to Ambit?
A: It’s important to review your current plan details and agreement before switching to Ambit. Customers switching from a fixed or term plan may incur an early termination fee from your current provider. Ambit will not reimburse any early termination fees you may incur from another provider.

Q: If my Snap & Save offer expires, can I try again?
A: After successfully submitting your invoice we will text you an offer. You will have 72 hours to accept the offer and enroll before it expires. Unless you opt out, we will send you two reminder texts — one when only 24 hours remain and another when the offer has expired. If your offer has expired, you can use the link in our expiration text to try again. If that doesn’t work, give us a call at (877) 282-6248.

Q: I was offered a bill credit option. When would I get my credit?
A: The bill credit will be applied to future Ambit electricity invoices that you receive after enrolling as an Ambit Customer on the plan offered to you under this promotion. If you choose another Ambit plan, you will not receive the credit. Your bill credit will be applied in two installments, half on the first or second invoice of your term and the other half on the last invoice of your term. To receive the full credit, you must complete the term of your Ambit contract. Failure to complete the term of your contract with Ambit will waive your receipt of the full bill credit and will subject you to an early termination fee. In the event the bill credit applied exceeds your total bill, any remaining credit will be carried over to the next bill.

Q: I was offered a bill credit option. How is my bill credit calculated?
A: We take the Average Rate from the bill you submitted and multiply by the total usage amount. Then we subtract your total Utility Charges from the amount.

Q: What are Utility Charges and how did you calculate them?
A: Transmission Distribution Utility (TDU) maintains and services power lines for a region. TDU charges are found on your electricity bill and vary based on your usage. Here’s how we calculated your utility charges:

Q: What are Commodity Charges and how did you calculate them?
A: Commodity Charges are charges from a Retail Electric Provider (REP) included in the Invoice Average Rate. To determine Commodity Charges, we look at the Invoice Average Rate and subtract the Transmission Distribution Utility (TDU) Charges.

Q: For my Snap & Save plan offer, how did you calculate my projected Annual Savings amount?

NOTE: Projected Savings for 6-month Customers are calculated with the above formula, except each instance of the Projected Annual Usage is multiplied by 0.5. If you have further questions regarding your projected savings, please call (877) 282-6248.

Q: For my bill credit plan offer, how do you calculate the Total Savings percentage?

NOTE: The calculation above is for a 12-Month Offer. The same formula is used for 6, 18, and 24-Month Bill Credit Offers, however each instance of Projected Annual Usage is multiplied by:

  • 0.5 for 6-Month Offers
  • 1.5 for 18-Month Offers
  • 2.0 for 24-Month Offers

If you have further questions regarding your Total Percentage Savings, please call (877) 282-6248.