Ambit Japan’s High-Energy Event for 2019

Posted by: Claire M | 05/31/2019 at 10:00 AM

Ambit Japan’s High-Energy Event for 2019

Ambit Energy Japan’s Energize 2019 was another powerful success. Held in Tokyo on Saturday, May 25, this event saw Consultants from all across the country come together for a day-long conference that included training, recognition, inspiration and fun.

In addition to trainings from Ambit Japan Field Leaders, attendees had the chance to hear from Matsuo Iwata, the former CEO of Starbucks Coffee Japan and a recognized expert at growing Western companies in Japan. His knowledge and insights into helping grow a successful business both educated and inspired Consultants at Energize.

Ambit Japan also honored the following Consultants for their achievements:

  • Top Income Earners: Mr. and Mrs. Toshifumi & Emiko Egashira
  • MVP Award (Biggest total number of Consultants and Customers): Mitsuo Nishihara
  • Kakehashi Award (Best Ambit Spirit): Kayo Tatefuji
  • Dream Maker Award (EC with the most RCs, SCs and ECs): Yoshitomi Aiko

Congratulations to all the award winners and attendees who are working hard to help Ambit achieve its goal of becoming the finest, most-respected retail energy provider in the world.

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