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The key to Ambit Energy’s success is well known – it’s the hard work, dedication and integrity of our amazing Consultants. But even in such an outstanding group, there are some leaders whose efforts stand out. And each year, Ambit is proud to honor those true Field Leaders at AMBITION. Here are the major award winners who were recognized at AMBITION 2019:

Thompson Leadership Award
ECs Gino and Anita Chiaravalle not only know how to inspire, they know how to have fun, organizing activities like their Consultant Cruise and Picnic. It’s this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that’s helped them fast-track to EC, become Millionaire Club members and place among the Top 50 Income Earners. Their leadership, work ethic and positive influence make the Chiaravalles truly deserving winners of the Thompson Leadership Award.

Co-Founder’s Impact Award
With his extensive background in relationship marketing, Executive Consultant Scott Schafer knows the importance of training and mentoring new Consultants. His unmatched ability to inspire others has helped him build networks in both the United States and Japan, fast track to RC, SC and EC and earn previous recognition as a Pure Energy Award recipient. We are proud to honor a Consultant whose chief joy is “taking something people think is hard and showing them it isn’t” as our 2019 Co-Founder’s Impact Award winner

Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award
When a fire completely gutted their home, Executive Consultants Jay and Teresa Sanborn had to start over from ground zero, rebuilding not just their Ambit business but their whole lives. Together, and with the support of their Ambit family, they worked tirelessly to minimize the impact of this catastrophe on their Customers and their fellow Consultants and were able to be up and running again. Their efforts are an example and an inspiration to all, and the Sanborns are truly worth recipients of the 2019 Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award.

Crystal Sphere Award
Living in a state where Ambit doesn’t offer services might be an obstacle for some, but not for this year’s Crystal Sphere Award winners, NCs Tamara and Maqsud Mir. They put in the hours of driving and made the countless phone calls it took to build their business, truly personifying the values of the Crystal Sphere Award. Already multiple-Five Star winners and Top 50 earners, Ambit is proud to see them add this award to their list of accomplishments.

For a complete list of winners, visit the EventsCenter Awards and Recognition page. Thanks to all the many Consultants who made AMBITION a success, and it will be time to recognize 2020’s winners before you know it!

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