Moving Checklist: Manage Your Utilities and Services

Posted by: Anna | 05/13/2014 at 08:30 AM

Moving Checklist: Manage Your Utilities and Services

Moving to a new place can be stressful. Why not ease some of the hassle by managing your utilities and services before packing up your home?

Use this simple checklist to help your move go off without a hitch:

  • Get Started Early – Get a head start and contact new providers at least a week in advance of your move-in date. For current or potential Ambit Customers, it takes 2-5 business days to start service at your new location.
  • Plan Your Service Switch – Figure out which utilities and retail energy providers are available in your new area.
  • Contact Ambit – Change of service set up is easy for Ambit Customers. We get the ball rolling quickly to make sure your transition is easy and hassle free. Just call us at (877) 282-6248 and let us do the heavy lifting!
  • Schedule Service – Be sure to schedule new services to be activated a few days before you arrive at your new residence.
  • Turn Off Existing Services – Make sure to alert companies to disconnect all of your services the day after you move. This includes your cable or satellite TV, water, phone, Internet and utilities.

If you’re in a jam and need service less than two days before your move, Ambit can attempt to expedite your service with a time frame of about 24 hours. You can also overlap energy service at both your current and previous locations for up to 30 days.

Follow this handy checklist and make your next move as easy and convenient as possible!

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