Reverse Food Trucks Swap Food for Donations

Posted by: Anna | 04/20/2017 at 12:44 PM

Reverse Food Trucks Swap Food for Donations

Food trucks serve up tasty meals and in cities across America daily. But, there are some food trucks putting a new spin on the walk-up-and-go service – they’re receiving donations for local food pantries and shelters. Here’s a look at the new food truck trend sweeping America’s parking lots and city corners.

The idea has been popping up around the country in hopes of solving an old problem with a new concept. Instead of serving food from the truck, organizers collect food. Then, those donations go to a local food organization. In some cases, local churches, businesses or hunger relief organizations operate the food trucks. We’ll discuss how you can host a reverse food truck event in your community today.

Find a Local Reverse Food Truck

Reverse food trucks are debuting everywhere as organizations try to find different ways for people to give. The food truck theme is a hit amongst those who love curbside cooking. There’s no doubt that people find it easier to give when the truck comes to them to pick up the food. You can coordinate an event in your neighborhood, at a local farmers’ market, community event or workplace. Just search online for your local reverse food truck and get coordinating.

Spread the Word

Make it a community affair – tell family, friends, neighbors and local businesses. There are a variety of ways you can share the event – through social media, work, local websites like or at your kids’ schools. The more people who know about your event, the more successful it will be. Success means more people receive food.

Wrap Things Up

Giving means more when you know the impact you made. So, share the results of your event. Report the amount of food donated so others can know. Hunger relief organizations will usually provide the total amount of food in pounds that was donated for you. That’s an easy and relatable way to pass on the information to those who participated.

There are plenty of ways to combat hunger in your community. Reverse food trucks present a creative and fun way to tackle an age-old problem that’s prevalent in every neighborhood in America. These are a few easy ways to organize an event with a reverse food truck, so instead of taking food, you’re giving to others who need it.

Want to learn more? See how Ambit Cares is teaming up with the Reverse Food Truck in Dallas.

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