3 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Posted by: Claire M | 02/26/2019 at 10:22 AM

3 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

You’re passionate about your business, products and services you offer your consumers. But you’re not so passionate about small business marketing. With your small budget and even smaller amount of free time, any marketing efforts must be cost-effective and profitable. As we approach the end of the year, try these three inexpensive marketing ideas to pave the way to a lucrative new year for your small business.

  • Become a guest writer for local publications: Publications always need quality content, and even large online magazines accept guest submissions. Discover what local, online and print publications your customer base consumes, then submit your content to those media channels. As a thought leader in your community, you establish and expand your brand in the industry. The bonus is your byline will appear at the end of your article, which will direct customers back to your business.
  • Pursue a nonprofit partnership: Consumers today want businesses that invest in their communities. A study in 2017 found that 87 percent of consumers will purchase a product because that brand advocates for a meaningful cause. When your business is involved in charity, you foster brand loyalty with current customers and grow brand awareness in the community which can result in free, positive media coverage from the local press. If your company isn’t ready to take on a full nonprofit partnership just yet, give back to the community in smaller ways, such as event sponsorship or one-day profit donations. Remember to share everything your company is doing on social media. Even small acts of kindness from your business make a significant impact in the minds of your consumers.
  • Intentional and strategic use of social media: While social media management can seem overwhelming at first glance, clear and deliberate use of it can result in big wins. Choose the best social media platforms for your industry and set measurable goals for each profile. You can use a scheduling tool so that publishing is automatic, and your time is spent engaging in the online conversations surrounding your company. Read our full article on social media management for small business: 5 Tips to Manage Social Media for Small Business Owners, or check out our other blogs to help you achieve small business success.

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