Spring Checklist to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Posted by: Anna | 03/10/2015 at 01:53 PM

Spring Checklist to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Springtime brings spring allergies with it. There are a few things in your home that are key signs that you may need to focus your spring cleaning indoors; stale air, presence of mold or lack of air movement are just a few telltale signs.

Here are four things you can do inside your home now to get a jump start on your spring cleaning.

  • Start from the bottom. Your floors are one of the easiest places for dust to accumulate. It’s best to use a combination of vacuuming and mopping, so you can catch all dust. If possible, you may want to eliminate carpet because dust often gets trapped in the fibers.

  • Eliminate any smoke. Secondhand smoke can be one of the strongest pollutants to damage indoor air quality. Make your home a no-smoking zone or if not, open windows, use exhaust fans or limit smoking to one area of the home.

  • Love your pets. Some people consider pets to be members of the family; however, those furry family members have pet dander. Pet dander contributes to poor indoor air quality. Keep them out of the bedroom if possible. You also want to wash your bed linens and their beds often.

  • Keep the air fresh. The increasing popularity of green cleaning products leads most people to think those are the best cleaning products. Some of these products contain chemicals or harsh allergens. Try making your own cleaning solutions so you control the ingredients.

Are you still unsure if your indoor air quality needs some help? Take this quiz to check whether these steps are right for you or if there’s more you need to do. This new layer to your spring cleaning is sure to keep you healthy and happy.

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