Spring Cleaning: 5 Steps to Organize Your Home

Posted by: Anna | 04/01/2014 at 11:26 AM

Spring Cleaning: 5 Steps to Organize Your Home

Spring is officially underway, which means for many it’s the perfect time to get your house in order. To get started on your annual spring cleaning, it’s important to get your home organized and remove clutter.

If this task seems overwhelming, just take the process one step at a time:

  1. Have a Plan – Before getting started, lay out some ground rules. Figure out what you w ant to throw away and what you would like to keep. Be reasonable about things you actually need, and make sure you have enough space to store them.
  2. Organize a Team – Get the family together to pitch in or invite friends over with the promise of beverages and pizza. The more help you have, particularly with time-consuming projects like the garage, the better chance you have to accomplish your goal.
  3. Take Out the Trash – One of the biggest keys to decluttering is getting rid of things you don’t need, not just rearranging them. Keep it simple. Dump duplicate items and get rid of junk you don’t use or isn’t essential.
  4. Find a Home for Necessary Items – It’s important to designate a place for every item. Store your things in areas they’re used frequently and, if used often, make sure the storage is easy to access.
  5. Invest in Storage – It’s important to follow the first four steps on this list before purchasing supply containers. This ensures that you have the blueprint you need to plan out how many, and the right size of storage devices you need to organize.

Follow these simple steps and you can turn your home’s clutter and confusion into structure and stability. However, the process doesn’t stop there. Looking ahead, find ways to avoid accumulating unnecessary items before they make up your future mess.

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