The Best Technology for Summer Travel

Posted by: Claire M | 06/27/2018 at 02:33 PM

The Best Technology for Summer Travel

The sun is shining, school is out and it’s time to pack your bags for summer vacation. While there are countless options, the best travel technologies are simple, reduce your carbon footprint and use renewable energy.

  • Charge your smartphone with solar energy:Solar energy chargers are less expensive and more available than ever. There are dozens of models, some of which include backpack attachments for use while hiking or setting up camp. Solar chargers collect energy via small solar panels, resulting in enough power for tons of photos from your summer travel adventures!
  • Cut down your carbon footprint with one download: Transit is a free mobile app that will help you navigate a new city through sustainable public transportation. Choosing to walk or travel by bus, light rail and ferry reduces CO2 emissions, minimizing your carbon footprint. Transit gives travelers updated public transport schedules and recommends walking routes and bicycling paths.
  • Save time and trees: e-readers are the perfect summer travel technology: The most popular e-readers only weigh about the same as a deck of cards and hold thousands of book titles. You can take all the best beach reads your summer journeys in your carry on! This lightweight travel technology is perfect for a relaxing summer vacation on the seashore or keeping your mind sharp during a long road trip.

For more ways to “go green” this summer, check out the energy options available through Ambit Energy.

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