The Five Hottest Holiday Gifts of 2015

Posted by: Anna | 12/08/2015 at 11:22 AM

The Five Hottest Holiday Gifts of 2015

Hottest Gifts

You’ve likely started gift lists for family and friends. You may already be hearing from those in your own home about what they want to see under the tree this year. But as for the others, they may not be so vocal. Wherever you are, the Ambit Energy team is here to help show you some of the hottest gifts on the market in 2015.

Coolreall Dreamwalker

People have written that the Dreamwalker fulfills the “prophecy” from Back To the Future that hoverboards would exist in 2015. It’s definitely space age technology, but, it doesn’t really operate like a true hoverboard. Instead it functions more like a skateboard crossed with a Segway. You could also think of the Dreamwalker as a scooter that balances itself.

You haven’t experienced anything like this before, because you control the device with only the heels and balls of your feet, and that’s all. There’s no traditional gas pedal, and you won’t find a brake pedal to stop. You simply lean a little forward or a little back to make the Dreamwalker move or stop and to steer it you lean right or left. It’ll take you some time to get it down, kind of like riding a bike. A helmet and some knee and elbow pads would be good investments to purchase along with it. But, the Dreamwalker is sure to be hours of fun once you get the hang of it.

If there’s a gadget guru in your family who enjoys getting outside, this is the gift for them.

Polaroid Cube

Action cameras are all the rage right now for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle and wants to record their adventures. They are small, simplified, and rugged to endure different conditions. The best cameras provide wide-angle, HD video, but also come at a steep cost with the incredibly high framerates, large resolutions, and other professional features.

The Polaroid Cube gives users the benefits of a compact, wide-angle HD camcorder, but with a price tag of just $100. The simple design makes it a great gift for kids or adults.

Polaroid Zip

Polaroid’s golden days of bulky cameras that give you instant, tangible photographs may be long gone, but they’re keeping the nostalgia around just enough to allow you to have instant prints of your images. With the Polaroid Zip, you can print pictures 2 x 3 inch images from a smartphone in less than 60 seconds. The detail and color reproduction in these photos isn’t always professional quality, but the zip is still a great gift for anyone that might otherwise just keep their photos stored away in a folder on their hard drive.

Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Watch is one of the hottest tech items on the market right now. Its lower-priced model, the Apple Watch Sport at $349, is the best available from the line. You’ll find this model to be stylish, more aesthetic in the sense of both physical design and user-interface, and to have more customization options than other smartwatches. If you know someone who enjoys staying connected, is constantly receiving notifications, and wants an accessory to help stay better in touch with their circle, this is the gift for them.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock truly brings your home security into the 21st century. This smart lock works through Bluetooth and adds the convenience of not having to reach for your keys when your hands are full. This is another great gift for someone who controls their life with a smartphone or smartwatch.

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