The Power of the Ambit Opportunity

Posted by: Claire M | 03/06/2020 at 10:08 AM

You know Ambit Energy is a great business opportunity, or you wouldn’t be selling it. But convincing others isn’t always easy, no matter how enthusiastic or well-informed you are. Often, that’s because the potential Consultant you’re talking to has experience with another direct sales company. In that case, it’s time to focus on what sets the Ambit Opportunity apart from all those other organizations out there.

Low Start-Up Costs
It’s easy to get started with Ambit. The enrollment fee is just $75.00, plus $24.95 to set up the Consultant’s website. There are few if any franchise-style operations that let you get started for just $100. You can earn that back with just two or three Customers!

No Inventory
With Ambit, you don’t end up with a garage full of unsold products. You’re never required to buy anything from us. You sell the energy. The income goes straight from Ambit to your bank account.

No Billing, No Collecting
You don’t have to do any billing or collecting. Ambit manages all the money and pays you based on our compensation plan. And you can track it all through PowerZone, Ambit’s free back office management tool.

Training and Support
Ambit provides training materials, live events like AMBITION, Simulcast, local BPs and more. Plus, we emphasize team building and support from experienced Consultants to help new MCs succeed. You’re never on left on your own.

An Essential Product
Energy is a home essential, not a luxury item or an option. People use it every day and Ambit offers a wide range of products to meet every Customer’s needs.

By showing how Ambit is different, you can start share why you’re so excited about the Opportunity. And why your potential Consultant should consider it, whatever their previous experiences.

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