Why Direct Selling?

Posted by: Anna | 04/02/2013 at 11:35 AM

Why Direct Selling?

Ambit Energy delivers electricity and/or natural gas in nine states and Washington D.C. But we don’t rely on big, flashy TV commercials or full-page newspaper ads to market ourselves. Instead, we have a large, energetic network of Ambit Independent Consultants that grows our business for us.

Why did we choose direct sales vs. mass marketing? We have our reasons:

  1. Our story is so unique, it’s best told face-to-face. Ambit isn’t just energy at a great price; it’s an amazing overall value. You can even get your energy for free!
  2. Because our Customers are invested in the company (getting Free Energy or earning an income), they are incredibly loyal. That saves the company a lot of money when it comes to gathering new Customers.
  3. We’re not just looking for more Customers; we’re looking for more Consultants – people who want a new income opportunity. This, too, is a story best told in person.
  4. We’d rather give our marketing dollars to our hard-working Consultants – changing lives in the process – than to a huge, faceless media company.
  5. We love being part of a big, national family!

So that’s it in an energy nutshell. Our network of nearly 200,000 Consultants and 1,000,000-plus Customers spread the word about Ambit – and reap all the rewards. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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