AMBITION 2020 Awards & Recognition

AMBITION 2020 Awards & Recognition

Recognizing Success at AMBITION

One of the great things about AMBITION is the opportunity to honor the many accomplishments of our amazing consultants and their teams. This year was no exception, as we presented awards to those who have not only achieved great success but have also helped mentor and inspire others to do the same.

Thompson Leadership Award
Frank Schmaeling

National Consultant Frank Schmaeling is known for bridging and transcending team boundaries, and his trainings are recognized nationally for their high levels of thoroughness, enthusiasm and attention to detail. He has impacted thousands of consultants over the years and continues to make a difference in the lives of others. He’s already earned the prestigious Impact Award and this year he adds the Thompson Leadership Award to his impressive list of accomplishments.

Impact Award
Doug Parker

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Ambit leaders had to find a way to respond. And no one was more innovative or had a bigger impact than National Consultant Doug Parker. He organized Facebook events and trainings, took advantage of technology like Zoom and generously loaned his platform to others so they could use it for their own trainings and presentations. He even partnered with NC Chris Atkinson to create Ambit’s Got Talent, helping keep morale high. Doug is a truly deserving winner of this important award.

Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award
Robert Chang

“Never give up.” That’s the theme of the Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award, and it might well serve at National Consultant Robert Chang’s personal motto. He started on the West Coast, then moved to the East Coast to pursue his business. And when Ambit expanded into Canada, he saw even more opportunity for growth. He now has the largest organization in the Canada market, showing the true value of persistence and hard work.

Crystal Sphere Award
Holly Martin

To continue to pursue her dreams, Executive Consultant Holly Martin moved her business and her daughters from Illinois to Texas. Her “can-do” attitude and willingness to take risks has helped her build a successful national network of consultants, and she continues to expand her sphere of influence through hard work and setting an example of excellence for others to follow.

Pacesetter Award
Alan Johnston

Over the past decade, Executive Consultant “Coach” Alan Johnston has brought the same dedication and enthusiasm he used to train and condition young athletes to educating consultants. He’s known for coaching the fundamentals and leading by example, and his willingness to work with anyone who’s willing to put in the effort to succeed has made him a mentor to consultants both inside and outside his network. It’s this track record of helping and inspiring others that has made him the first-ever four-time winner of the Pacesetter Award.

Horizon Award
Jon Drew

When he thought Ambit was about to enter his home market, National Consultant Jon Drew enrolled, hoping to get a head start. But Ambit never came into his state. Rather than giving up, he expanded his horizons, using social media and other innovative methods to reach out to potential customers and consultants across the country. Today, Jon not only continues to build his business that way, he trains others on how to use social media to make the most of the Opportunity.

Ambit Choice Award
Victor Fontaine

The winner of the Ambit Choice Award is chosen by their fellow consultants for exemplifying the spirit of Ambit — demonstrating teamwork, a positive attitude, a commitment to excellence and a passion for service. Congratulations to this year’s winner, Executive Consultant Victor Fontaine.

Number One Income Earner Award
Shawn Cornett and Damien Pechacek

We are proud to recognize our dynamic duo of National Consultants Shawn Cornett and Damien Pechacek as our Number One Income Earners for 2020.

Pure Energy Award

The Field Development Team created the Pure Energy Award to honor consultants who have gone above and beyond within their team and epitomized genuine passion — the pure energy that drives our business. This year’s recipients are:

  • NC Hannia Narvaez
  • EC Ana Bonilla
  • EC Lupita Flores
  • ECs Kym and Jeff Gable
  • ECs Elizabeth Jimenez and Jose Leon
  • ECs Erica and Gibson Luuga
  • EC Johanna Nolasco
  • EC Jamaul Riley
  • ECs Lance and Jessica Wren
  • SC Courtney Dowdy
  • SCs Jeremy and Mioshi Hennesy
  • SC Terrence Leung
SC Dream Team Award

The SC Dream Team recognizes those Senior Consultants who have the energy, drive and work ethic to be the next great Ambit leaders. Nominated by our Executive and National Consultants, the winners were selected based on total votes and inspiring stories of teamwork and success. They are:

  • SCs Jeronimo and Cristina Aguilera
  • SC Aldridge Jack
  • SC Irene Rosales
  • SC Monika Swiderski
  • SC Derrick White
Millionaire Club
$1 Million

The number of consultants achieving exceptional levels of success continues to grow. This year, Ambit welcomed five new members to the Millionaire Club:

  • NC Doug Parker
  • EC Jarrad Abshire
  • EC Ignacio Jasso
  • ECs Raphael and Nancy Martinez

$5 Million

Each year, our Ambit consultants continue to impress by reaching new levels of success. This year, we added new members to the $5 Million Club:

  • NCs Shawn Cornett and Damien Pechacek
Fall 2020 Five-Star Winners

We are excited and honored to recognize our Fall 2020 Five-Star Club honorees and look forward to celebrating with them soon. Our hardworking winners are:

  • NCs Thien and Jill Bui
  • NC Robert Chang
  • NCs Shawn Cornett and Damien Pechacek
  • NC Jon Drew
  • NC Jake Hughes
  • NC Doug Parker
  • EC Jarrad Abshire
  • EC Abel A. Alaniz
  • EC Juan Baruch Bautista
  • EC Tiffany Bell
  • ECs Angel and Ashley Carias
  • EC Idalia Castelan
  • EC Chan Feng
  • ECs Marivel and Rene Figueroa
  • EC Anthony Furniss
  • ECs Grace and Michael Gleason
  • ECs Chester and Bethany Heather
  • ECs Elizabeth Jimenez and Jose Leon
  • ECs Michael and Ali Ligon
  • EC Blake Logan
  • EC Libby Porges
  • EC Marcia Santos
  • EC Crystal Wilson
  • EC Cindeli Wong
  • ECs Tianxia Yang and Wai Chan
  • SC Schirlei De Souza
Ambit Cares Achievement Award
Stephani Spruill

Our first repeat winner of the Ambit Cares Achievement Award, Executive Consultant Stephani Spruill worked to overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by using emails, social media and coordinating pickup and drop offs to continue to deliver desperately needed food to help those in need. Her innovation and commitment truly reflect the spirit of Ambit Cares.

Solar Service Award
Jingjing Xu

Over the past year, National Consultant Jingjing Xu has become a true evangelist for the power of solar to both meet the needs of customers and build a successful business. Her tireless efforts and success are proof that solar energy from Ambit and Sunrun is good for the environment, good for customers and good business.

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