5 Tips for Holiday Electricity Savings

Posted by: Javier | 12/11/2017 at 08:45 AM

5 Tips for Holiday Electricity Savings

Everyone knows there are far more than just 12 days to celebrate this time of year. To keep your holiday happiness from becoming the winter blues, Ambit has five tips for energy savings during this wonderful time of the year.

As you can imagine, there are three key things that lead to increased energy bills over the holidays – lighting, cooking and heating. Depending on the size of your home and how long your decorations are up, you could add anywhere from a few dozen to hundreds of dollars to your energy bills over the course of the season. But it’s possible to be an environmentally friendly elf and stay in budget if you follow a few simple tips.

Ambit’s Tips for Holiday Electricity Savings

  1. LED light up your life – LED (light-emitting diode) lights have grown in popularity over the past decade. They use up to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and present a bright glow. Many popular styles of lights, from mini-bulbs to icicle and twinkling varieties, have LED equivalents. While LED lights cost more to purchase, the energy savings will pay for themselves over the course of the season, even if you celebrate with Griswold-esque enthusiasm. For families with larger homes, LEDS are an especially great way to achieve holiday electricity savings.
  2. Limit overhead light use – You may hear this in your mother’s voice, and as much as it may hurt to admit, she was right. You’ve designed a masterpiece of a winter wonderland, and if you’ve decked your halls and walls with lights, let those shine on your path.
  3. Comforting candles – When you’re setting a scene, candles are a fun way to add color, texture and mood to a room. Of course, you need to be smart, and having an open flame near your faux-snow batting may not be the best idea. Consider adding a number of battery-powered candles to your holiday decor. There are many styles to choose from, some even feature a partially-melted look! These will give you a safe, energy-efficient glow.
  4. Use small kitchen appliances – Making hot chocolate, need to melt mints or make quick work of a stiff stick of butter? Instead of firing up the stove, choose your microwave for smaller kitchen tasks. Your larger appliances will use more watts than the smaller ones.
    In the mornings, fire up your toaster or toaster oven to brown your bagels, or crisp your waffles. Make use of your ice chests and coolers to chill canned, bottled and boxed beverages and keep your refrigerator from overworking due to overcrowding. During the holidays, you’re probably spending a bit more time in the kitchen so using these little shortcuts can help you see significant holiday energy savings.

  5. Heat it up by turning it down – While it may seem counter-intuitive to turn down the heat in winter, it’s good for holiday energy savings. Adjusting your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees down for eight hours per day while you’re out and about or sleeping under your warmest blankets can save you 10 percent. Also consider that having family and friends over for dinners and parties means the body heat emanating from your guests will automatically increase the temperature in your home. That small adjustment to the heat will most likely be a welcomed one.

Have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends, hopefully these tips for holiday energy savings are a gift you’re able to see at the end of the season. Happy Holidays!

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