6 Tips for Maximum Winter Warmth with Minimum Costs

Posted by: Anna | 02/17/2015 at 03:47 PM

6 Tips for Maximum Winter Warmth with Minimum Costs

Heating accounts for about 41 percent of the average American households’ annual energy bill. So anything you can do to reduce your winter energy use can have a big impact on your family budget. Here are six tips that can help you save:

  1. Sunny Side Open – Use the sun for free heat. Open curtains and blinds with sunny exposure to let in light and heat during the day, then close them at night to retain heat.
  2. Bundle Up – Instead of turning up the thermostat, put on a sweater. Keep blankets on your couch, and use rugs to insulate floors.
  3. Go in Reverse – If you have reversible ceiling fans, use the clockwise setting to keep warm air circulating instead of rising to the ceiling.
  4. Clean Your Furnace – Make sure your filters are replaced regularly, and make sure all air intakes and vents are unblocked.
  5. Keep it Humid – Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Moist air retains heat better than dry air.
  6. Add Insulation – Adding weather stripping and thermal curtains are quick, easy ways to reduce heat loss.

For more tips to keep your home warm and cozy this winter, visit The Spark’s guide to seasonal energy savings.

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