Best Buys: Is Fall the time to buy new home appliances?

Posted by: Claire M | 10/23/2018 at 11:00 AM

Best Buys: Is Fall the time to buy new home appliances?

As a homeowner, replacing appliances is an inevitable part of life. While many life hack lists make claims about “The Best Time to Buy,” what’s the real story? The Spark looks at some ways to maximize your current devices before discussing the best times to make a purchase.

Home appliance protection is a wise choice
Imagine how different your cleaning and maintenance routines would be without the convenience of home appliances, summers without air conditioning or a simple shower without a water heater. It would take all day to get the laundry done without a washing machine. Major appliances make life majorly smooth and losing any of them could be as expensive as it is inconvenient.

While homeowner’s insurance covers your home and contents in case of a destructive incident, it doesn’t cover normal wear and tear on appliances and replacement costs may be less than your deductible. An extended warranty or home appliance warranty can be a smart way to cover these devices.

A home appliance warranty usually covers multiple devices in your home. For example, Ambit’s Surge Protection plan protects every appliance in your house from lightning strikes or power surges and our AC/Heat Shield offering covers repairs, replacement and even tune-ups for home heating and cooling systems. Plans to cover repairs and replacements for additional appliances like your washer, dryer, dishwasher and other items are available from other providers. In addition, many manufacturers offer extended warranties on their products. These policies come in handy when you have to decide whether it’s time to repair or replace. The general rule of thumb is to buy new if repair costs are close to 50 percent of a new device.

One way to tell if appliances are in need of repair is to review your electric bill. A spike in energy consumption can be a sign of a more significant, unseen issue. Whether you choose a home appliance warranty or a manufacturer’s extended warranty, be sure you have coverage.

Is Fall the best time to buy new home appliances?
Yes – fall is the best time to buy most home appliances. The exception to the rule is refrigerators, which sell well in spring. The reason is simple: most of the holiday shopping push occurs in fall. Both Black Friday and Veteran’s Day are major sales days. Retail outlets cut prices to meet year-end quotas and hit holiday sales goals. Stores also want to sell through inventory to make room for the new models debuting soon. If it’s time to replace any of your appliances, seize a crisp fall day to grab the best buy.

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