Direct Selling Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by: Javier Vilchis | 04/23/2019 at 05:26 PM

Direct Selling Do’s and Don’ts

You’ve already made a smart move by choosing to sell Ambit Energy, because our product is one people need and use habitually every day. And you’re backed with great resources like PowerZone, the MyAmbitBusiness app, Ambit U and the support of like-minded Consultants around the world. And to help you start your 2020 strong, here are some helpful direct selling Do’s and Don’ts.


Have a Website
Ambit makes it easy, because we provide you with a website as part of your Consultant package when you sign up as a new Consultant. Make sure yours is active and up to date so your contacts, Customers and downline Consultants can find you on the web.

Know Your Products
Review the product information available on PowerZone so you can present it accurately and with confidence to potential Customers. Know which products are available in specific markets. If you don’t know an answer, be honest. Refer your contact to a more senior Consultant or Customer Support to ensure accurate information.

Always listen to your potential Customers and Consultants concerns. Address them accurately. Give them time to think about their decision.

Be Honest
There’s no need to embellish the Ambit Opportunity, our compensation plan or our great products. Follow the Direct Selling Association’s Code of Ethics, Ambit’s Policies and Procedures and always include Ambit’s disclaimers as required.

Work Hard
Take your Ambit business seriously. Do something to build it every day. Attend trainings, business presentations and events like Simulcast and AMBITION. Network with other Consultants. Understand that Ambit, like any business, takes time and effort to achieve success.


Expect Overnight Success
Ambit is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Be realistic about what you expect to achieve and set attainable, practical goals.

Exaggerate Your Success
Don’t inflate your income, your Customer numbers or anything else. Sharing real success is better than making false claims.

Make Guarantees
Don’t make any guarantees about income or Ambit products. If an Ambit product comes with a guarantee, it’s already spelled out in the product details.

Create Your Own Marketing Materials
Ambit has a full line of marketing materials available through PowerZone and the Ambit Store. If you can’t find something you need, contact us at We’ll work with you to create tools that meet our standards.

Want to know more? Visit PowerZone and check out the Code of Ethics, Policies and Procedures, Disclaimers and Brand Guidelines.

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