Energy Saving Tips for Spring

Posted by: Javier | 11/03/2012 at 11:27 AM

Energy Saving Tips for Spring

Spring Energy Cleaning
As the weather starts to warm up, most of us are thinking about cleaning out closets, cupboards and flower beds. Well, this is also a good time for cleaning up your energy use. At Ambit Energy, we work hard to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions all year long, and we invite you to join us in this effort. Use any or all of these simple springtime tips and you’ll save energy, save our natural resources and – as a bonus – save money.

If you’re considering a new air conditioner, now’s the time. A new ENERGY STAR qualified model can reduce your cooling costs by 20%.

Raise the Temp
As it gets warmer outside, energy experts recommend you keep your thermostat at 78 degrees. Want to save more? Each degree above 78 could save an additional 6 – 7% on cooling costs.

Turn the Fans Down
During the winter, energy-smart people change the direction of their ceiling fans, forcing cool air up and warm air down. Don’t forget to change back for spring and bring that nice breeze down into your rooms where it belongs.

Stop Air Leaks
Based on national averages, 44% of your utility bill comes from heating and cooling your home. Install weather stripping to close gaps around windows and doors and keep your air conditioner from working overtime.

Most electronics have a standby mode that uses energy even when they’re not in use. Try plugging your cell phone chargers, laptops and televisions into easy-to-get-to power strips. One flick of the switch and everything’s off.

Use Cold Water
On average, 14% of your home energy is used for heating water. Of that 14%, doing laundry is the biggest culprit. So the more you can wash in cold water, the better.

Adjust the Water Heater
Now that you don’t need a hot shower to take the chill off, turn your water heater down to 120 degrees. Not only will this save energy (and money), but if you have children in the house, it’s a great safety measure.

We hope you find these tips handy, helpful and easy to do. If each of us does our part, we can make a big difference.

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