Prepare Your Lawn and Garden for Seasons Ahead

Posted by: Anna | 09/23/2014 at 11:15 AM

Prepare Your Lawn and Garden for Seasons Ahead

Spring may be months away, but fall is actually one of the most critical times of year for your lawn and garden. By properly preparing for the winter months ahead, you can ensure a lusher lawn and more beautiful blossoms when the warm weather returns.

Here’s a checklist you can use to make sure your landscaping is good to go:

  • Nourish - Fertilize in the early fall. This is actually the most important time to provide nutrients to your grass.
  • Grow - Plant new trees and shrubs now. Root flares should be visible—planting too deep is actually harmful, even with winter coming. Be sure to provide plenty of water for both new and established trees and shrubs. Additionally, plant bulbs for spring flowering plants.
  • Care - Transplant and divide your perennials, or trim them back.
  • Clean - Rake up leaves and add them to your compost pile. They’ll compost better if they’re shredded or chopped. And don’t forget to put a layer of dirt in between layers of plant material.
  • Shelter - Move ferns and other houseplants back indoors. Wash them and check them for insects and plant disease first.
  • Store - Bring lawn and watering equipment inside to protect it from ice and snow.

The list of fall landscaping to-dos is a long one, so start preparing now. For even more seasonal resources, take a look at The Spark.

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