Five Ways to Make Extra Money during the Holidays

Posted by: Anna | 11/10/2015 at 04:28 PM

Five Seasonal Work Opportunities during the Holidays

November and December are two of the most expensive months of the year for many Americans. The costs of celebrating the holidays can add up quickly for those providing for immediate and extended family members. The good news is many opportunities open up during the holidays for people to earn extra cash. We’ve come up with a list of five ways to pad your wallet and make extra money this holiday season.

Get a Seasonal Retail Job

If there is a major chain retail store near you, chances are they are preparing for a busy holiday season and are hiring to fill their needs. Keep in mind that with November now underway, these positions are starting to be filled, as companies need to get new employees trained before the end of the month when the season is at its peak. This can also be a great way to get a discount on your favorite gift items, further stretching your newly expanded holiday budget. Visit your local stores and ask to complete an application to get ahead of the curve.

Babysit for Cash

You’re not the only one with a busy schedule this time of year. Many other adults face the same demands on top of taking care of their children. Consider babysitting during the holidays. Opening an account at and getting your name out to mom groups in your area are great ways to get the attention of families needing time away from their children to shop, attend parties and more.

Start a Holiday Catering Business

Are your friends constantly begging you to make your special dish for parties? The National Association of Catering Executives estimates catering to be a $7.1 billion annual business, so if cooking is your forte, this could be a great opportunity for you to make extra money this holiday season. We recommend checking with your local health department to get the scoop on catering regulations in your area. Like many industries, Facebook can be a great place to announce your catering business. Plus, you likely already have a network of friends who would love to help you spread the word.  Either way, a clean and complete profile is one of the easiest ways to get exposure for your catering business.

Driving to Earn Spending Money

Opportunities from companies like Uber or Lyft or working independently as a driver for the elderly are plentiful during the holiday season. Many people need help getting transportation to and from places such as the mall, post office, to and from the airport for holiday travel and even doctors’ appointments. Check out what driving opportunities may be available in your area. Usually, a quick Google search is the best place to start.

Ambit Energy Opportunity

Every day, Americans look for new ways to save money on gas and electricity and business opportunities to gain Financial Freedom. Since its launch in 2006, Ambit Energy has become the energy company of choice due to its dedication to competitive energy choices for Customers and never sacrificing integrity for growth. Customers believe so highly in the company that they often choose to become Ambit Energy Independent Consultants, offering the same savings to family and friends. Many even earn Free Energy, which can certainly help stretch a holiday budget. Sound interesting? Learn more about the Ambit Story and business opportunities today.

With these tips, we hope everyone can take advantage of their skillset and find a way to achieve their financial goals this holiday season.

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