Getting Your Kicks with Kickball

Posted by: Anna | 05/05/2015 at 04:37 PM

Getting Your Kicks with Kickball

Over the past ten years, kickball has steadily grown in popularity with adults across the country. There are hundreds of leagues with hundreds of thousands of players, ranging from the fiercely competitive to those who prefer friendlier competition.

Here are a few reasons grown-ups looking for a good time have rediscovered the old schoolyard game:

  • Simple Fun – The game has only a few rules and requires only minimal skills to participate compared to sports like baseball, softball and soccer.
  • Memories – Almost all of us played kickball as kids, and playing it as adults takes us back to our childhood.
  • Social Networking – The game’s slow pace means that there’s plenty of time to network and socialize. And players can always continue their conversations over a friendly drink or burger after the game.

Of course, Ambit wants you to get in on the fun, too. That’s why we’ve revised the rules to our Kickball Kick-off Contest to let even more Consultants participate in our big game at AMBITION this year. To see how you can get your kicks at Dr Pepper Ballpark this year, click here.

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