Haunting Tales of the Mysterious Powers in Your Home

Posted by: Anna | 10/27/2015 at 04:04 PM

This time of year, everyone loves a good ghost story. And we’ve rounded up some interesting information about the mysterious forces inside your home—from energy-sucking phantoms to ghostly flickering lights, from mysterious illusions to cosmic influences, here are some perfect Halloween energy facts for your enjoyment.

Strange but True – the Energy Forces Haunting Your House

  1. Cosmic Forces – If you’ve ever watched a ghost hunter show or movie, you know they look for changes in a home’s magnetic field. Well, haunted or not, the magnetic fields around your house do change due to solar winds. Major shifts in those fields have been linked to hallucinations, dizziness and other symptoms, and solar winds have a more pronounced effect at night—when most ghosts are sighted.
  2. A Chilling Story – Cold spots are another common element of haunted houses. And even if you crank up the heat, you may still experience sudden drops in temperature or localized cold areas in a room. While the explanation may be a drafty window—caulk it up—it could also be due to reduced humidity. Of course, it might be a ghost. We’re not ruling that out. Have you checked under the floorboards for bodies?
  3. Electric Vampires – They’re everywhere in your house, sucking down power and driving up your bill. Every device you leave plugged in continues to draw power even when its not in use. The good news is you don’t need wooden stakes and steely nerves to slay these monsters. Just unplug unused items, or use a power strip you can turn off and on.
  4. Victorian Hauntings – Nobody loved a good horror story more than our Victorian ancestors—they gave us Dracula, Mr. Hyde, Dr. Moreau, Dorian Gray and a host of other monsters—and there may have been a reason. The 1800s were when gas first started being pumped into people’s homes, and the early systems were leaky and inefficient. One theory is that this led to “haunted house syndrome,” an epidemic of people hallucinating ghosts and spirits after breathing in leaking gas.
  5. Eerie Lighting – It’s a staple of every scary movie—the lights flicker, then go out. Ghosts? Not likely. The problem is probably due spliced wires separating, a burned-out fixture, or a loose connection at the switch or outlet. Have an electrician check. As for those mysterious hang-up phone calls? Well, we can’t help with those—because they’re coming from inside the house!

Here’s to a scary but safe Halloween for everyone!

Infographic: Haunting Tales of the Mysterious Powers in Your Home

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