Help Fight Hunger this Thanksgiving Season

Posted by: Anna | 11/03/2017 at 08:30 AM

Help Fight Hunger this Thanksgiving Season

With so many ways to volunteer this holiday season, why not personalize your experience and give back to the community at the same time? Ambit is giving you a new twist on Thanksgiving that turns a gathering with friends into a chance to fight hunger in America.

Introducing Friendsgiving
What better way to start the holidays than to host a Friendsgiving meal? This event combines Thanksgiving and time with friends, ahead of your gathering with family. It’s a fun dinner with friends where you can try out the new recipes that you plan to make for Thanksgiving, or a way to relax before the stress of the holidays start.

Add a Giving Component
Make it about the quality time, but you can also choose to give to those affected by hunger. Here are a few ways you can include contributions to your local food pantry or community kitchen into your event:

  • Ask attendees to bring canned goods.
  • Accept monetary donations for a hunger relief organization.
  • Collect food to create Thanksgiving baskets for families.
  • Auction off your favorite home cooked dish, then donate proceeds.
  • Solicit donations to receive the event’s signature dish’s recipe.

Plan Your Event
You can make Friendsgiving different from a traditional Thanksgiving and take the pressure off and by making it a potluck. That means more time to enjoy your guests and socialize. Create a sign-up and divide and conquer the menu. This way you’ll ensure appetizers, sides, drinks – and even decorations are covered. Think of this as a good time, not the usual chores and hassles of hosting a regular dinner party.

Thanksgiving kicks off the busy holiday season, but there’s still room to turn this time of year into a time to fight back against hunger in America. This event can easily become an annual tradition with friends. While you’re having fun, think of how you can help others. Hosting your first Friendsgiving makes for a great start.

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