How to Prepare for a Winter Storm Outage

Posted by: Anna | 02/10/2015 at 04:45 PM

How to Prepare for a Winter Storm Outage

Winter storms increase the chance of power outages. If you prepare ahead of time, you can be sure you’re safe despite the weather. Here are a few tips to keep you ready.

For your Home:

  • Check the interior and exterior of your home to properly seal any air leaks.
  • Know how to shut off water valves in case a pipe bursts.

For your Family:

  • Maintain a seven-day supply of medications for each family member.
  • Include items in your home emergency kit for your pet. Some things to include are an extra leash, carrier, food, bowl and collar.
  • Keep copies of all personal documents in a safe, accessible place (birth certificates, insurance information and bank documents.)

For your Car:

  • Assemble a winter emergency kit for your car. Be sure to include a blanket, road sand, extra socks, mittens and hats.
  • Purchase new tires, if needed. Newer tires perform better on snow and ice than old tires.
  • Ask a mechanic to check your battery, thermostat and heating system.

A little preparation can go a long way so you’re always prepared for any changes in weather. The choice to act now versus later can ensure that you’re always safe when the temperature drops and the lights go out.

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