Learn How to Network while you Golf and Bowl at AMBITION

Posted by: Anna | 08/01/2017 at 09:00 AM

Learn How to Network while you Golf and Bowl at AMBITION

AMBITION presents the perfect business opportunity to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs who share the same goals as you. There’s training, seminars and informal gatherings that help you meet new people.

However, there are two events that you’ve probably never thought to use for networking, the Golf Tournament and Strike Out Hunger bowling event.

Read on for networking tips to take you from networking newbie to pro.

Practicing Your Approach

Winning is fun, but you can gain more from the Strike Out Hunger bowling event than just bragging rights. Here are a few chances for you to meet others: when you’re waiting for your turn to bowl, while you’re at the rack choosing your bowling ball, between games or as you’re grabbing a bite to eat.

Even if you’re not a bowler, there are other activities at this year’s venue where you can meet people. Think games, billiards and time chatting over the fajita bar.

Linking Up

Golf plays a major role in building business relationships outside of the office. This year’s Golf Tournament provides opportunities to mix, mingle and play with some of Ambit’s top leaders and other Consultants.

There’s ample amount of time to talk and get to know others like the time spent walking along the fairways and waiting at the tees. Even if you’re not a regular on the golf course, you can still enjoy time playing the game and networking with others.

Whether on the lanes or green, these two events give you more chances to network and meet other Consultants at AMBITION. Register today for the Golf Tournament or sign up a team or as an individual for the Strike Out Hunger bowling event.

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