Maintaining Momentum: Resources and Books for Consultants

Posted by: Claire M | 02/21/2018 at 02:00 PM

Maintaining Momentum: Resources and Books for Consultants

One of the best small business tips is to keep learning. Below is a list of books and Ambit resources that can help you improve both your business and life.

Books for Entrepreneurs
Books are the keys to wisdom’s treasure,” is more than a saying, it’s a truth. Here are some books by favorite Ambit authors to help you write the next chapter in your success story.

  1. “Developing the Leader in You 2.0” by John C. Maxwell: A thoroughly revised and updated version of Maxwell’s definitive book on leadership, with new insights from his 25 years of research.
  2. “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins: If you haven’t already read this book on enriching your life and destroying doubt, it’s time.
  3. “Big Potential” by Sean Achor: The follow-up to his best-selling “The Happiness Advantage,” this volume explores how transforming the pursuit of success raises our achievement, happiness and well-being.

As you’re growing in knowledge, remember to read for fun too. Enjoying novels is a great way to boost your creativity!

Ambit Resources for Consultants
As an Ambit Independent Consultant, you have access to a number of resources in PowerZone. All are designed to meet your specific needs and have been developed in consultation with Field Leaders and industry experts. Here’s an overview to introduce new users to PowerZone, and refresh the memories of more experienced Consultants.

  • Profile: Manage your profile, get reports on your downline and your Customer base, and check your commissions just by clicking on the suitcase icon on PowerZone.
  • Calendar: Check out dates for the next local business presentation, add your event to the calendar to boost attendance or check out other business-building events.
  • EventCenter: Get the latest information on major Ambit events like AMBITION, Simulcast, Executive Tours and more.
  • Consultant Tools: Ambit’s Consultant Tools section includes everything you need to run your business, from Customer-gathering ads and Compliance materials to Lead Management tools and the Mobile App. It’s everything you need to run your business better, all in one convenient location.
  • Ambit U.: Ambit U is a virtual campus where you’ll find a great selection of training videos, reference materials and the Ambit U Library.
  • Ambit Store: This is your official source for all things Ambit, from business cards and stationery to apparel and promotional products. The Ambit Store helps you look professional and show your Ambit spirit.
  • Contests: Check the rules and standings for any current Ambit contests, and link to AmbitSuccess for updates on who’s just promoted, the latest award winners, inspiring success stories and more.

PowerZone is just one way Ambit empowers Consultants to keep moving ahead and achieve their goals. Add in some inspirational reading by the above suggested authors, and you’ll be even further on your way to Financial Freedom and achieving your “Why.”

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