One Oven Kitchen Tips for Thanksgiving

Posted by: Anna | 11/24/2015 at 11:30 AM

One Oven Kitchen Tips for Thanksgiving

Ditch the Double Oven Idea, Save Time with a Little Planning

Thanksgiving is the busiest cooking time of the year. But, there’s no need for double ovens. You can make your full dinner with just one oven and a few tools from your kitchen. Read on for more details on how you can have a well prepared Thanksgiving dinner with one oven, while saving time, this Thanksgiving.

Bake Your Pies and Desserts First

You can prepare your pies and desserts the day before. This will give you an entire day devoted to just baking pies and making desserts. This can be a large part of your meal done ahead of time. This is the one time you can get away with dessert being first. 

Fried Turkey, Anyone?

You can free your oven from the biggest time culprit of them all, the turkey. There are other options available for cooking the turkey besides roasting it in the oven. You can fry the turkey, or grill it. Try a different spin on the star of your Thanksgiving dinner this year. It may be time to try something different.

Think Outside the Oven

You don’t need your oven for every dish. Think green beans and mashed potatoes as two choices that don’t need an oven. Don’t overlook a salad. A hearty salad can replace a side dish. Plus, you get lots of veggies in one.

Different Sides, Same Temperature

Just because you have one oven doesn’t mean that you can’t cook more than one dish. Choose a few dishes that all need to cook at the same temperature. Or, you can choose one standard temperature (350°F) to cook all dishes. With one temperature, you can vary the cooking times.

Use your Other Tools

There are other tools you can put to work for Thanksgiving dinner. Your Crockpot and microwave are two that can help with the heavy lifting. The Crockpot can handle almost any dish with a little creativity. The microwave can handle lots of dishes, often in less cooking time.

Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to mean marathon, all-night cooking sessions. A little preparation and pre-planning is all you need to make a fantastic dinner with one oven.

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