Saving Energy: Hey, Kids, Do Try This at Home.

Posted by: Claire M | 05/14/2019 at 10:32 AM

Saving Energy: Hey, Kids, Do Try This at Home.

School’s out for summer, temperatures are climbing and so is the family energy bill. Here are some fun ways kids can help save energy during some of the most energy-use intensive months of the year.

Signs Up
Put kids’ creative skills to work and make signs to place around the house that will remind the whole family to turn off lights and unplug items like chargers and other small appliances when not in use.

Get Out
Summer is a great time for outdoor activities. Whether it’s a favorite sport, helping in the yard or just taking a walk, this is the time to do it. Being outside is a great way to save power and burn off excess energy.

Go Unplugged
Unplug phone chargers and turn off tablets and laptops when they’re not in use. Even if they’re in sleep mode, these devices continue to use energy and can run up power bills.

Scheduled Snacks
Rather than have the refrigerator door opening and closing all day long, set specific times for snacks and cold drinks.

Good energy habits start at a young age, and this summer is a great time to learn conservation lessons that will last a lifetime.

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