Tips for National Cut Your Energy Costs Day and All Winter Long

Posted by: Javier Vilchis | 04/20/2019 at 05:35 PM

Tips for National Cut Your Energy Costs Day and All Winter Long

Thursday, January 10 is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. And while dedicating a day to reducing your monthly bill is a great idea, here are links to some Spark articles that will help you actually save all winter long. You can also check out the archive for energy conserving tips for the spring, summer and fall. Because saving money is always in season.

Heating Your Home
What you don’t know about home heating can cost you. This inforgraphic shows some of the ways heat can escape your house, driving up your energy bill.

Winter Warmth
There are smarter ways to stay warm this winter than just cranking up the furnace. Try some of these tips to stay warm, cozy and on-budget.

Don’t Error with Air Leaks
Leaks that let warm air out and cold in can really send your energy bills through the roof. Learn how you can track down and eliminate these pesky problems for a warmer and less expensive winter.

Fireplace Facts
Curling up in front of a warm fire sounds like fun. But it’s important to make sure your fireplace is safe and energy efficient. Check out this infographic for more information.

More Tips
Here are five more ways you can lower your heating bill this winter. It’s never too late to start saving.

We hope you find these articles helpful. Happy savings!

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